Our mission is to deliver "pet store quality" pet foods and treats in a "supermarket easy" way, making it available where pet parents currently shop for their families.

But it's not just about doing what's right for our customers.

It's also about being a good neighbor and helping to preserve the world we live in for future generations of pets and pet parents. That's why we challenge each member of our supply chain team to make a positive impact on all areas that we touch. This focus drove us to increase the output in our Meadville plant by 40% without increasing the footprint of the facility. We invested those savings back into our products, and we continue to minimize our environmental impact as the business grows.

Sourcing ingredients while reducing consumption.

We focus on sourcing the best ingredients for every one of our recipes. To deliver on this promise, we have made a significant investment in our facilities and our testing capabilities. We have also upgraded our delivery vehicles, replacing our trucks with new high efficiency models that burn much cleaner. We also use lightweight aluminum trailers, which carry more product on each shipment, helping to reduce our fleet fuel and carbon footprint.

four recycling bins

Waste Not

Today, we recycle over 99% of our materials. To create this recycling program, we had to find partners and uses for our various waste products and invest in separation and bundling equipment. Now we've created a recycling ecosystem to support the plant's mission toward zero waste discharged.

We're in it for the Pet Parents

We only answer to the pets and pet parents we serve. This allows our sourcing efforts to focus on finding the highest quality ingredients for our recipes.

Currently, we are working with key partners on a "whole food" joint-sourcing program for key proteins. This effort will help us ensure that clean protein sources like bison and certain fish will remain available and cost-effective as our business continues to evolve.

Working together makes for a better community

For us, it's all about teamwork, which includes being a responsible member of the communities where we live and work. We engage our communities through volunteer efforts like the French Creek Valley Clean-Up — where Ainsworth team members help with pulling thousands of pounds of trash from the watershed. We also volunteer with Meadville‚Äôs Adopt-A-Highway program, cleaning up trash from local roadways.