We believe that when we nurture pets, we improve our own lives.

They are our friends. Our companions. And some would say our kids. They make us laugh, teach us to play and encourage us to exercise. Any pet parent will tell you they bring us unimaginable joy. And here at Ainsworth, our goal is to do all we can to ensure your pets and ours live long, happy and healthy lives.



Pet Nutrition is our top priority at Ainsworth. In fact, it's our mission to deliver optimum nutrition through high-quality foods and treats made with real, natural ingredients. Getting nutrition right is important. People can choose what they eat. Pets rely on us to get it right. That's an awesome responsibility.

Our innovative team of pet nutritionists is dedicated to creating products that nourish pets at every life stage, activity level and across a range of dietary needs. We ensure that our healthy, wholesome recipes are carefully crafted with the right blend of real ingredients and essential nutrients to help pets thrive. Every ingredient used delivers a specific benefit and is selected because it is the best for that purpose.

For the past 80 years, our focus has been to provide the highest quality foods for our pet families. We are committed to delivering innovative products that you can trust and your pets will love for years to come.


We believe that every ingredient should have a purpose, so we carefully choose high-quality ingredients that help support your pet's health and well-being.

Because we want only the best for your pets and ours, we are very selective about where and from whom we source our ingredients. Every one of our suppliers goes through a rigorous qualification process including on-site audits for food safety, sanitation and manufacturing practices. And many of the suppliers we use for our pet foods and treats also supply ingredients for foods your other family members enjoy.

We also work to ensure our ingredient sources meet our production needs in a sustainable way. Like you, we want to ensure that our natural resources will be around for generations to enjoy, and we work hard to continuously reduce our impact on the environment.


We're pet parents too, and we understand the importance of food safety. So we've created The Ainsworth Pet Nutrition Triple Check System to ensure the safety of our products from the moment we purchase ingredients to the time we ship our products out the door. Our Triple Check System is just one of the many things we do every day to ensure we meet not only your expectations of quality and safety, but also ours.


Our Commitment to Ingredient Safety

Check One begins with our long-term relationships with our suppliers. Our team of sourcing experts has carefully chosen each and every one of these suppliers because, like us, they take pride in ensuring their ingredients are not only of the highest quality, but also safe for your pet's overall health and well-being.


Ensuring Product Accuracy

Check Two works across our entire operational system to ensure accuracy. Our team of experienced and dedicated employees continuously monitors and verifies every step of the production process to ensure precise nutrient and ingredient levels. In addition, our internal laboratory scientists test, analyze and monitor the production process for an added safety check. They also verify our Guaranteed Analysis to ensure the same consistency, high quality and nutrition level exists in each and every bag.


Our Positive Release Program

Check Three is the final step we take before allowing any food to leave our facilities. Every product is held in our warehouse for approximately 48 hours to ensure it passes all of our safety testing. This step confirms that the food is safe for pets to eat and that all nutrition values meet regulatory and formula standards. Once a product meets our high standards, it can be safely released to our retailers.